Foundry Socialite Rewards program

It’s like a dream come true – getting paid to play with the Foundry Socialite RewardsProgram!

If you like playing games, eating great food, and enjoying craft beer and cocktails, and getting rewarded to do it, you are going to want to become a Foundry Socialite!


The Foundry Social rewards program gives you a point for every dollar spent; earn 150 points and unlock a $10 reward!

Being a Foundry Socialite doesn’t mean you have to drink beer with your pinky extended or wear frilly hats (unless that’s your thing!) – you can still tell your friends they suck at Skee-Ball and rub your victory in their faces! Being a Foundry Socialite is all about playing and getting something in return.

Sign up next time you’re at Foundry Social by entering your email at checkout. Or if you’re the impatient type, do it now! 

Sign up now and become a Foundry Socialite!

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