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Technically, you do not have to make a reservation anytime at Foundry Social, but, we do recommend that you make reservations on the weekends, as it is our busiest time of the week.

It’s extremely easy to make a reservation, just go to our Reservations Page & follow a few steps to lock a table down!

We are like daycare for adults! We are a full-service restaurant and bar, but we also offer a variety of games and fun activities. 

We are more geared towards adults, but yes kids are welcome into our facility. We do require that everyone be 18+ on Fridays and Saturdays after 8:30pm, as we are more an adult-friendly experience at that time.  

Currently at Foundry Social we offer:  

Bocce ball, cornhole, ping pong, duckpin bowling, billiards (pool), shuffleboard, an entire video game arcade, “the arena” video game wall and a selection of board games.

The arcade is all token based! Each game takes 1 token unless it is a multiplayer game, in which case it takes 1 token per player (2 players, 2 tokens, etc.)  

Tokens can be purchased at the host stand, located in the front of the building near cornhole and MAD Brewing.  

First off, welcome to Foundry Social! We are so excited that you have chosen us to be your destination for FUN! If you are planning to dine in with us, you can either be seated at a table by the host or you can seat yourself at the bar (main bar or MAD Brewing bar.) Once seated you will get a server to your table who will be able to help you with any food, drink or games you would like.  

Not a problem! You can sign up for any games you would like to play at the host stand. The hosts will be able to answer any questions and take payment for each of the games we offer.  

We totally understand that you might just want a quick snack and then you will be off to your next destination or off to the arcade. However, if you plan to be eating and drinking, we do recommend getting a table so we can service you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your other option is to sit at the bar and order something quick so you can get to the FUN!  

All reservations for 12 or less guests can be made online at thefoundrysocial.com/reserve. Here you will type in the number of guests you will have, and our available reservation times will be shown to you.  

If you are unable to make your reservation online or would like to speak to someone about making a reservation, you can give us a call at (330) 333-9000 during our hours of operation and the host who answers the phone will be able to assist you in making a reservation.  

That’s great! We are so happy that you have chosen to share our facility with so many of your closest friends/loved ones. For reservations of more than 12 people, we do require that you book with our event coordinators. This can be done by calling in at (330) 333-9000 or by going to thefoundrysocial.com/events and filling out an event inquiry. Our event coordinators typically work Tuesday-Sunday so you should expect to hear back from them in a timely manner.  

Yes! Call us at (330) 333-9000 for details.

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