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Tokens. Foundry Social tokens will equal 25 cents, so if a machine is marked $1, you’ll need 4 tokens.

Duckpin balls are about half the size of a regular bowling ball and have no finger holes so you can roll them with your palm and the pins are shorter and lighter. It’s harder to knock pins down so bowlers get three rolls per frame. Try it, you’ll like it!

Yes! We’ll have duckpin bowling leagues, Skeeball leagues, and maybe even bocce leagues.

Our event room will hold a maximum of 150 guests. If your event has fewer planned guests, we can accommodate you too!

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The Foundry Entertainment complex (High Voltage Karting, Foundry Social, and MAD Brewing Company) are all currently closed to comply with the state of Ohio’s executive order. We will reopen as soon as the order is rescinded. All events that were scheduled have been postponed without penalty to the event planner. Once the order is rescinded, we will reach back out to you to hopefully reschedule.

If you have a question that requires an immediate response, please direct that to Gene Whaley at genew@thefoundrysocial.com.  

Please be safe and take the necessary precautions so that we can get back to having FUN!