We’re like day care for grown-ups.
Games. Food. Drink.
The only thing missing is naptime and a sippy cup.
Get your game on, at Foundry Social.
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The only thing better than playing games…is crushing your friends while playing games.
Show no mercy. We won’t tell.
Game on at Foundry Social.
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Whether it's Team Building or a Holiday Party...
Foundry Social has your corporate event covered!
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Just because they’re your friends doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kick their asses.
Play games, show no mercy. We won’t tell.
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Spirits. Games. Hang.

It’s a simple concept, really.

With our extensive selection of classic and modern games, full kitchen and bar, Foundry Social is setting a new standard for entertainment in Northeast Ohio.

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Combining an incredible assortment of games, delicious food and refreshing drinks, Foundry Social is a destination for fun. Visitors can challenge their friends and family to play competitive table games like billiards and ping pong, or go retro on the bocce courts. For those with more a modern taste in games, a selection of video games and arcade games awaits. Or, an old favorite: duckpin bowling.

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Our Games

Stand up for your inner kid and make time for play.
Make time for Foundry Social.

Duckpin Bowling

Row of duckpin pins on string.

Smaller balls, shorter pins, full-sized fun. That’s duckpin bowling.

Foundry Social features 8 duckpin bowling lanes with a comfortable lounge area complete with couches and tables where bowlers can hang with friends, get in the duckpin zone, or just enjoy a night out.

$7.95 per game

The Arena

Classic Video Games Console

Whatever your game, "The Arena" at Foundry Social is your battlefield.

“The Arena” video game wall at Foundry Social lets you get your game on, have a good time, and share the gaming experience. Or just watch others play and pick up gaming tips and tricks. Power up and wind down!


Pool table with pool equipment

Rack ‘em, break ‘em and sink ‘em: feed your pool shark at Foundry Social.

Foundry Social’s pool tables are ready for your games of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, cutthroat, bank pool, one-pocket, or whatever variation you play. Mingle, talk smack to your friends, or watch TV or listen to music while you play.

$12 per hour


You need big balls to play bocce. 4 of them.
...And one small one.

Never played bocce? Give it a try at Foundry Social. Soon you’ll be a bocce legend and the crowds will be screaming, “Sei spettacolare!” (You’re spectacular!)

$6/half hour

Arcade Games

Happy Couple Playing Arcade.

All your game are belong to us. Your favorite classics are at Foundry Social.

If you were king of the arcade, be so again. If you just love all kinds of arcade games from Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat, Foundry Social is the place to get your game on.

$6/20 tokens

Ping Pong

Table Tennis Ping-Pong Friends Sport Concept

Foundry Social gives new meaning to
“Table Service.”

Whether it’s a casual hang with friends or a serious ping pong grudge match, rent a table, grab some paddles and start pinging. Or is it ponging? It doesn’t matter, just play!

Hot Eats. Cool (Adult) Treats.

Relax with your co-workers after work. Gather with your friends and catch up. Have a date night and fall in love all over again. Foundry Social has it all: Food, fun, and drink.


Playing games and having fun works up an appetite! No problem, because Foundry Social has a full kitchen and a menu with something for everyone. 


Foundry Social offers a wide variety of beers on tap and many more selections in bottles and cans. From bold IPAs to refreshing wheat beers, we’ve got whatever style wets your whistle!


Our cocktail menu features unique drinks you’ll only find at Foundry Social; ridiculously delicious beer cocktails; and a Bloody Mary bar that will become your new favorite brunch!

Events at The Foundry

Have an event or special occasion coming up? Foundry Social has the space to host events for up to 150 guests. Birthdays, company functions, team building events, even a wedding reception! Really, it’s up to you, because it’s your event; we’re here to make it as fun and as easy as it can possibly be.


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