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“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

When we were kids all we did was play. We woke up and played all day. If it was raining or snowing, we played inside. When we didn’t have a game to play, we made one up. Then we got to school and had recess – officially sanctioned play. Then we played organized sports. Then we become adults and the play ended.

Now there’s yard work, and doing the taxes, and changing the oil, and running endless errands.

We didn’t vote for that. Did you?

Your inner kid needs to play. It reduces stress, stimulates the brain, relaxes us, and improves existing relationships and helps create new ones. It sharpens our problem solving skills and inspires creativity.

Little boy playing on children's slides

Our Games

Stand up for your inner kid and make time for play.
Make time for Foundry Social.

Duckpin Bowling

Row of duckpin pins on string.

Smaller balls, shorter pins, full-sized fun. That’s duckpin bowling.

Foundry Social features 8 duckpin bowling lanes with a comfortable lounge area complete with couches and tables where bowlers can hang with friends, get in the duckpin zone, or just enjoy a night out.

$7.95 per game

The Arena

Classic Video Games Console

Whatever your game, "The Arena" at Foundry Social is your battlefield.

“The Arena” video game wall at Foundry Social lets you get your game on, have a good time, and share the gaming experience. Or just watch others play and pick up gaming tips and tricks. Power up and wind down!


Pool table with pool equipment

Rack ‘em, break ‘em and sink ‘em: feed your pool shark at Foundry Social.

Foundry Social’s pool tables are ready for your games of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, cutthroat, bank pool, one-pocket, or whatever variation you play. Mingle, talk smack to your friends, or watch TV or listen to music while you play.

$12 per hour


You need big balls to play bocce. 4 of them.
...And one small one.

Never played bocce? Give it a try at Foundry Social. Soon you’ll be a bocce legend and the crowds will be screaming, “Sei spettacolare!” (You’re spectacular!)

$6/half hour

Arcade Games

Happy Couple Playing Arcade.

All your game are belong to us. Your favorite classics are at Foundry Social.

If you were king of the arcade, be so again. If you just love all kinds of arcade games from Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat, Foundry Social is the place to get your game on.

$6/20 tokens

Ping Pong

Table Tennis Ping-Pong Friends Sport Concept

Foundry Social gives new meaning to
“Table Service.”

Whether it’s a casual hang with friends or a serious ping pong grudge match, rent a table, grab some paddles and start pinging. Or is it ponging? It doesn’t matter, just play!

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