The word fundraising starts with “fun.” Coincidence? Not when it happens at Foundry Social!

happy caucasian friends playing roulette in casino

It’s time to move on from the bake sales, car washes and mattress sales. Have a fundraiser that really scores points with your audience. Literally.

Foundry Social can host your fundraiser and provide a wide variety of food, drink, and game activities and options to ensure your organization makes money.

Our event coordinators can help guide you through the process of creating an impactful fundraiser including elements like reverse raffles, night at the races, and casino nights. Contact us or call us at your earliest convenience so we can start working together to plan your next fundraiser.

Contact Foundry Social for more information about a fundraising event!

A fundraiser at Foundry Social will help you elevate your event and create “That was awesome!” memories for attendees.

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