Ping Pong

Foundry Social gives new meaning to “Table Service.”
Table Tennis Ping-Pong Friends Sport Concept

Let’s go back in time. Not too far back, like, maybe the 1970s. Ping pong was a big deal. A really big deal. Everyone had a ping pong table in their basement or garage. Kids played kids; adults played kids; and adults played adults because the playing field was level. It was also usually on wheels.

At Foundry Social, ping pong is still a big deal.

Topspin, backspin. Loop. Flip. Push. Chop. If a game has its own language and science of play, its proof it’s a big deal.

Professional ping pong skills aren’t required at Foundry Social. It doesn’t matter if you use a penhold or shakehand grip, or if you even know what they are. And if it’s been a while since you’ve picked up a paddle, don’t worry, it’ll come back quickly.

So if it’s a casual hang with friends or a serious ping pong grudge match, singles or doubles, rent a ping pong table, grab some paddles and start pinging. Or is it ponging? It doesn’t matter, just play!

Ping Pong Pricing:

Ping pong ball on the table, selective focus

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