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Foundry Social is a result of its founders’ “Let’s just do it ourselves” attitude.

About Foundry Social

Greg Cordray, Steve Madden, & Brian Fontanella are the entrepreneurs behind Foundry Social, which is in the same facility as High Voltage Karting, which opened its doors In March 2015 to a very receptive audience.

Visit High Voltage Karting to learn more.

The building High Voltage Karting occupies is a former foundry with a massive 135,000 square foot footprint, but it was only using about 50,000 square feet. Instead of looking for a business partner to provide the same sort of entertainment experience, the group decided to just do it themselves.

Foundry Social was born.

Combining an incredible assortment of games, delicious food and refreshing drinks, Foundry Social is a destination for fun. Visitors can challenge their friends and family to play competitive table games like billiards and ping pong, or go retro on the bocce courts. For those with more a modern taste in games, a selection of video games and arcade games awaits. Or, an old favorite: duckpin bowling.

With our extensive selection of classic and modern games, full kitchen and bar, Foundry Social is setting a new standard for entertainment in Northeast Ohio.

Learn more about The Foundry complex.

About the Foundry

150 years later, The Foundry is still active, making memories and manufacturing fun.

The Foundry complex sits on the west side of Medina, adjacent to the train tracks, at Medina and Foundry Streets.

The facility was built in 1871 as the Medina Foundry and then became the Hollow Ware Company, which manufactured iron skillets, kettles, and general household goods. In 1916, Medina Foundry consolidated with a manufacturer of furnaces, and its name was changed to Henry Furnace Company. The company manufactured furnaces and air conditioning units until the facility closed for good in the late 1990s.

Over more than a century, the original buildings have been altered and added onto, and The Foundry morphed into a massive complex.

Inside, The Foundry captures your attention right away with massive girders and beams, fastened together with hot rivets, with ceilings as high as 46’. The historical charm of The Foundry’s interior has been retained as the building has been modernized, including a cutting-edge rooftop solar array that helps power the facility.

The facility helped forge Medina’s future and now is an example of adaptive reuse that breathes new life into relics of Northeast Ohio’s industrial past.

Foundry Social and High Voltage Karting occupy roughly 40% of The Foundry, leaving plenty of room for additional attractions. The next available space in the building is the “Powerhouse Room,” featuring a massive red brick chimney and walls. If you are interested in learning more about locating a business in The Foundry, be sure to contact us.

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